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M% Ten-Percent

This sleek glass, oh how it slices through my flesh with ease The painted salvation, it calms my mind It leaves my body at peace   I dig canals all around just to designate A worthless pizza-purpose Which is baked with hate   Red, red hats are red in my head My head is red. […]

Musical Chairs

A mythical musician With a flipped composition No guts nor glory Just a story of prepositions No buts, or decisions Just listen Name was David, but MOM called him Dave A horrid man; tall as a ceiling fan He was a slave He fell victim to environment Murder was the case Yes, Dave conspired it […]

Insight on Schizophrenia

Heya guys, I’d like to mention that I created a Squidoo page and put together my first lens. It’s titled “Insight on Schizophrenia.” It was originally a paper I did for school, but I figured I’d submit it to Squidoo, so please check it out. Also if there are any photographers that would like to lend me […]