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That Dude Eddie ~ Rain Ft. Charlie Zero (Produced by ObieDaz The BeatOven)

Hey guys, check out the newest song I did with Charlie Zero! Let me know what you think! Advertisements

That Dude Eddie’s Soundcloud

Hey guys, I have recently put up all of my finished songs onto my Soundcloud – so if you’re interested in hearing some passionate, underground hip-hop/alternative rap music with fruitful messages, please check me out!

That Dude Eddie – Water (Produced by Idotsdot)

That Dude Eddie – Water (Produced by Idotsdot)

Hey guys, check out my newest song – Water! Let me know what you think! If you like it, please share!

“For Your Ears” by That Dude Eddie

Here’s a song I made for a special someone. Please enjoy ^_^

Living Dead (My First Song)

Hey guys, I recently recorded my first song. Although we had some engineering issues, I think it came out pretty well. Let me know what you think!

My Thoughts on Lil B

Woo, woo, SWAG!!! Ahhh, Lil’ B. The Basedgod – the man, the legend. Well, I’ll be posting a short review on this artist now. The issue, though, is that there’s nothing I can say about him that his music hasn’t already voiced. To begin, I can mention how he accurately portrays the limits to peoples’ […]

iLLmont Forrealmont

Hey guys, okay, this isn’t a poem. I just briefly wanted to discuss a group of friends of mine by the name of iLLmont. But before I get into the topic, I’m gonna’ mention that they’re associated with the ever-so-controversial-stereotypical subject of hip-hop. (STOOOP EEETTT)Yes, anyways, they’re really cool, chilled out people. Their music takes […]