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Within Reach is the Dirt

These notes, they aid through the toughest of time And their chime, they heal the wounded flesh Once the shadow was retracted, all that was left was a crying note It was dumped by Heart Village, but was eventually stolen   Morbid thief, you look in my eyes and deny responsibility Look to see what […]

The Wheels on the River

It shouldn’t take this long for the flowers to deliver You’re my, you’re, you’re my end Please, cat stick, don’t pretend You are not a quitter, nor a sitter You pounce on existence and constrict ways-a -better You told me the dirty rudders would unclutter But this heh’ boat, yeah, she rolls on mystic water […]

Nostalgic Ave.

Hey guys, I had to remove this poem since it was posted on another site. But instead of deleting the post here is a link where the poem can be found. Nostalgic Ave. A http://www.loveislonely.com exclusive poem by That Dude Eddie.

Folder as it Falls

I open my eyes to the smell of blinding chowder The ambient train peels the skinless flesh at times of rest The handle of introduction –   A handle of conditioned dispositions   Of, of, off A, the, soft is bought when tossed across – A cross while legs are crossed, distraught Think I forgot? But at […]

A Pair of Folly

My passion is the fall of plastic Once I feel, you will sense that my pen is real I write what is on my mind However, I bury beneath the English language This means that I barely spill what it is that happened But I never sleep on devil I come equipped and forever settle in […]

Musical Chairs

A mythical musician With a flipped composition No guts nor glory Just a story of prepositions No buts, or decisions Just listen Name was David, but MOM called him Dave A horrid man; tall as a ceiling fan He was a slave He fell victim to environment Murder was the case Yes, Dave conspired it […]

Oddity of Slumber

I play hookie in my dreams to avoid responsibility That’s why I pee in trash cans at school; an assurance of instability Privacy was all but the case I hid my face to disclose the reality of chase I trudge through school halls and remove my clothes That is, my black sweater to cease identification, […]