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The Wings of Tree-Fruit

But the string, for me and you I grow wear and dreary – tomatoes But only if I say so, butts for pesos and erasers to halos It is only as I say.   Fore, the plucked castles are the passion and fashion for the hassle And rain, dripping Skipping together as we should But […]


Emotionless bondage, find a better way Memorize the path, repeat it every day If obtrusion blocks thee, sock and shoe Lock and chew; illusion of rock and tea; stock for you Who, in proportion to lines of distorted time Dew stains the marks of abortion-ed eyes, so blind Inclined, balance to belly of the brain Colored by […]

Rainy With a Chance of Clouds

This week, folklore between the bars of prison Social standing, all but accurate precision All but boastful incision in the term of decision Back then, the decommission of commitment Now, the mission to dish in the belts of felt equipment Write me Tell me where to find the love On the blue Earth, there is […]

Spooky Speaking

Maybe thing’s aren’t always hopeless But it’s the days like this that make it hard to focus And it’s the stamps like THIS that label me a culprit Powdered Madness by the pulpit Sour sadness and blackened rope-lift Nightmare beneath hair, I live it Vivid and precise, as nice as ice is Tomatoes are diced […]