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Banana Ants

What it it that you’re pretending? A slap to the chest – the result of an angered grimace Discomfort to the banana ants I know your story A “never-will-be” type of treatment I see all corners of your glass.   Fool yourself with the foolishness of approach Yellow like the bus of “young scholars;” like […]

Newer Beginnings

It’s getting difficult to write I don’t even know why I feel like this What do know, though, is that I need to let it all pour out Even if it feels dull now, my writings have given me a title I’m still a nothing, but I’ve touched the lives around me Again, no names, […]

Hateful Hurricane

In the calmest of storms, I sit and wait My tiresome bones are destined to occupy this desk For most days, I walk and crumble to a shatter As today, in the emptiness of fulfillment, I steadily wait I patiently blink my eyes at the red hand in the white circle on the wall A […]


Cool sand, dragon. Dig a hole all the way to the truth. River of lies, my robotic philosophy. I told you, never before, behold. cIRCLE BINGO, lingo. Single life, inching through my misunderstood fingers. So many years, I made it. What happened? The pain flows – misunderstood, I tried. Don’t make me cry. Open shirts […]