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Mysterious Letter 4

Was it me? The blo** is stil* col*.. I nev*r mean* *o brin* *ou do*n, plea**, I’m sor**. I’m goin* no*here… I keep seei** you wherever **e whi*per* tra**l. The pa*s*on bur*s… I slo**y wat*hed yo* leav*, please come b***.. I thoug** I underst***, but I was wron*. I f*nally understa** now – when i* […]

Mysterious Letter 3

The time I spent sitting with you at that table tonight was mesmerizing… I was lost in your eyes. I felt at peace for once.. I didn’t want to leave… I didn’t want to leave because I knew how the rest of my night was going to turn out… with me crying over another stupi* […]

Mysterious Letter 2

I di**’t know how to s*ow yo* tha* I *ared… you alway* k*ck** me when I ne**ed you, Ed***.. I st**l really ***e *ou, even th**gh we **nt ou* separ**e ways. I wi** we didn’t have to *o thi* ** ea*h ot*e* any*ore… You will always have a specia* **ace in my hear*. I alwa** […]

Mysterious Letter

Dear **** *a*****,     I’ve know yo* for a while now, but it seems that our **lation**ip is headed *own  hil*. Some night*, when I **y *n my bed, alone, YOU c*oss my m**d. I wish thin** didn’t turn out the way they did, *ut, I g**s* it’s bes* for each of us to mo*e […]