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Just Thoughts…

Is it even merely a reflection, my life? For quite a piece of time, I’ve just sat idly and watched the same scenery. But, perhaps instead of waiting for a change, maybe I should try and enjoy, rather – embrace the “norm.” Even still, I’d like to experience something new. Although all that I go […]

Dear Letter

Dear… I know who, My future wouldn’t have existed without you digging through my life. You see, I’m cornered by the corners of my residency. This leaves my mind lonely at times, between the ocean blue. One, two… three four. Four walls. Two… exits. Either a leisure passage using stairs or a fatal fall from […]

How Can I be Inspired to Write a Poem?

Is it difficult to compose a poem? It can be challenging to get started on writing a poem if you are not in the momentum of starting one. Inspiration sounds necessary for any writer to compose a poem. Then, where’s the inspiration? Is it inside of us? I wrote my first poem at the age […]

Two Hands on a Clock

Too many minutes Toe Hand Too many mistakes Too many numbers Two to nine Six minutes five plus null Fingers? My? Your? All but full Do not disturb, the arms on the watch are… They are… Toe Hand Wrist and claw Aw, do not disturb Don’t peek and knock on my door Don’t watch the […]

Rainy With a Chance of Clouds

This week, folklore between the bars of prison Social standing, all but accurate precision All but boastful incision in the term of decision Back then, the decommission of commitment Now, the mission to dish in the belts of felt equipment Write me Tell me where to find the love On the blue Earth, there is […]

My eBook “Latex Dreams” Is Now Available In All Formats

Hey guys, the reason I revised this post is because I removed the ebook from Lulu, Smashwords and Shoply. As of right now the only place its available for sale is Amazon. Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that Latex Dreams (my first ever poetry eBook 😀 ) is now available in several different locations […]

Latex Dreams by That Dude Eddie-Official Release

Heya guyssssssssssssss!!! After months of hard work on the eBook, it’s finally finished!!! Other than writing the book, I haven’t even considered that it would be a bigger hassle to have it available for download. At this moment, the eBook can only be found on lulu.com and is only available in PDF format. Once other formats are […]