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That Dude Eddie’s Soundcloud

Hey guys, I have recently put up all of my finished songs onto my Soundcloud – so if you’re interested in hearing some passionate, underground hip-hop/alternative rap music with fruitful messages, please check me out! Advertisements

Living Dead (My First Song)

Hey guys, I recently recorded my first song. Although we had some engineering issues, I think it came out pretty well. Let me know what you think!

Wine Tasting

The summer was constantly solid, frozen into a block of penguin carpet. Har, har. The guardian of passiveness timidly provided for the grasses of bewilderment. HOO, HA! Tainted faces, the adapting natures of crooked paintings. So far? A new beginning is a vivid dream – for old ways are obscene, lost without traces. Reoccurring re-cycle, vivid living […]