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Read the Squares on Keyboards

I don’t want to fight anymore Through the months, we’ve come so far Bent knee, leg at peace and rest Rug, deceased; ye’ brushed by belief But not at this moment May the blackened tavern illuminate with release Folding corners’ rippling record of release Point to the exit, an underhanded periodical space Cordless electronics, may […]

Nostalgic Ave.

Hey guys, I had to remove this poem since it was posted on another site. But instead of deleting the post here is a link where the poem can be found. Nostalgic Ave. A http://www.loveislonely.com exclusive poem by That Dude Eddie.

Folder as it Falls

I open my eyes to the smell of blinding chowder The ambient train peels the skinless flesh at times of rest The handle of introduction –   A handle of conditioned dispositions   Of, of, off A, the, soft is bought when tossed across – A cross while legs are crossed, distraught Think I forgot? But at […]

Rainy With a Chance of Clouds

This week, folklore between the bars of prison Social standing, all but accurate precision All but boastful incision in the term of decision Back then, the decommission of commitment Now, the mission to dish in the belts of felt equipment Write me Tell me where to find the love On the blue Earth, there is […]

Spooky Speaking

Maybe thing’s aren’t always hopeless But it’s the days like this that make it hard to focus And it’s the stamps like THIS that label me a culprit Powdered Madness by the pulpit Sour sadness and blackened rope-lift Nightmare beneath hair, I live it Vivid and precise, as nice as ice is Tomatoes are diced […]

Mysterious Letter 4

Was it me? The blo** is stil* col*.. I nev*r mean* *o brin* *ou do*n, plea**, I’m sor**. I’m goin* no*here… I keep seei** you wherever **e whi*per* tra**l. The pa*s*on bur*s… I slo**y wat*hed yo* leav*, please come b***.. I thoug** I underst***, but I was wron*. I f*nally understa** now – when i* […]

Wine Tasting

The summer was constantly solid, frozen into a block of penguin carpet. Har, har. The guardian of passiveness timidly provided for the grasses of bewilderment. HOO, HA! Tainted faces, the adapting natures of crooked paintings. So far? A new beginning is a vivid dream – for old ways are obscene, lost without traces. Reoccurring re-cycle, vivid living […]