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The Wheels on the River

It shouldn’t take this long for the flowers to deliver You’re my, you’re, you’re my end Please, cat stick, don’t pretend You are not a quitter, nor a sitter You pounce on existence and constrict ways-a -better You told me the dirty rudders would unclutter But this heh’ boat, yeah, she rolls on mystic water […]

My eBook “Latex Dreams” Is Now Available In All Formats

Hey guys, the reason I revised this post is because I removed the ebook from Lulu, Smashwords and Shoply. As of right now the only place its available for sale is Amazon. Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that Latex Dreams (my first ever poetry eBook ūüėÄ ) is now available in several different locations […]

Latex Dreams by That Dude Eddie-Official Release

Heya guyssssssssssssss!!! After months of hard work on the eBook, it’s finally finished!!! Other than writing the book, I haven’t even considered that it would be a bigger hassle to have it available for download. At this moment, the eBook can only be found on¬†lulu.com¬†and is only available in PDF format. Once other formats are […]

Ebook Update: Latex Dreams by That Dude Eddie

Hey guys, I know you haven’t really heard me mention anything about the book¬†lately but I have you know I’ve been working really hard on it. So before its near release let me fill you guys in. Title: ¬†Latex Dreams Author: ¬†That Dude Eddie Release date: ¬†September 2012 ¬† I also like to take this […]

Abuse, Survival, and Recovery by Zoe G

Hey guys, here is a blog post worth checking out. ¬†The author’s a awesome person who happened to write her first book titled Abuse, Survival, and Recovery.   In addition,¬†remember¬†to spread the love and stay positive. ūüôā ¬†

Update on My eBook

Heya guys, I’ve got an update on the eBook. I wanna’ start off by saying thank you to everyone who included an idea in the previous post My First Ebook. Those were some amazing ideas (and I’m probably going to include some of them). As far as the eBook, I’m going to start off by […]