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That Dude Eddie’s Soundcloud

Hey guys, I have recently put up all of my finished songs onto my Soundcloud – so if you’re interested in hearing some passionate, underground hip-hop/alternative rap music with fruitful messages, please check me out! Advertisements

Mood Gorning

The warm light of day and life anew steadily crept past the gentle fabric of hand-woven drapes. Delicate silk sprouts of blossoming pink flowers and light green pedals occupied the transparent majesty of subtle beauty, often misinterpreted and grasped by grant. Inch by figurine inch, lucidity oozed from the deafening marble, a puncturing blush of blinding yellow […]

Squidoo Lenses

Here is an invitation for you to join me on Squidoo.  This is a simple share, so I will keep it short. 🙂 I’m writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me. Peace and Love.