Poetry Resources

Here you will find some useful sites and resources in regards to poetry. You may find tips on writing poetry, getting some blog exposure, other great poetry blogs,getting your poems published, getting your poems more exposure, along with any other cool sites and resources that I come across while I’m on this journey.

Useful Sites and Resources

MSocialH: A forum that allows you to exchange your poetry blog posts along with other topics via social networks with the community.

Bloggers: A Blog directory where you can submit your blogs to and build relationships with fellow bloggers.

Writer’s Relief: An article that shares advice on  how to submit poems to literary journals and magazines.

Other Great Poetry Blogs and Sites

Love is Lonely: A poetry site that focuses mostly on love poems. It contains a great community where you can share poems with one another.

Open Mic Voices: A poetry site that allows to share your poems within the community.

7 comments on “Poetry Resources

  1. Thanks for this helpful page… Awesome of you to post

  2. Thanks for posting this fabulous list Eddie. I’ll take a closer look as soon as I can. Found this looking for your second song end; looks like I better check it out on YouTube.

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