Short Story


There was always something nostalgic about Autumn. Since I wait for the bus just about every morning, I’ve been given the opportunity to watch the gradual change of scenery around me. The leaves slowly swap their clothes. They are first a lavish green, then they change into vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows to express their […]

Emptiness Within, Part 1

Immediately after Sky extracted her silver apartment key from the rustic lock on the aging brown door… Immediately after locking her home of reflection, the lights behind her ceased generating light in a spiraling explosion. The piercing crackle of shattering glass slapped Sky Begrenzen’s imagination unknowingly. Of course like it would anyone who was unaware. The inconvenience caused […]

Mood Gorning

The warm light of day and life anew steadily crept past the gentle fabric of hand-woven drapes. Delicate silk sprouts of blossoming pink flowers and light green pedals occupied the transparent majesty of subtle beauty, often misinterpreted and grasped by grant. Inch by figurine inch, lucidity oozed from the deafening marble, a puncturing blush of blinding yellow […]