Guest Posts

Christmas Cards look Great in Any Color

I am thrilled to be back with another greeting card for you featuring this beautiful Christmas poem. The first time I read the poem, it literally asked me for a special color combination and as I considered the patterned paper you see, there was no going back.  This was going to be the basis for […]

How to Make Your Own Greeting Card

Step by Step Instructions on How to Make a Greeting Card From Scratch –  Guest Post by Tanja Weir It is a special treat for me to create a greeting card for “That Dude Eddie” because making a card for a poem is like building a special frame for a piece of art. Many card […]

The Writing Retreat’s Tips For New Poetry Writers

Vivienne Neale Considers Writing Poetry For The First Time Not all of us have grown up with poetry and being bitten by the bug when you least expect can feel quite daunting. You know how it goes, suddenly something happens in your life and you want to express it and poetry seems to be the […]

How Can I be Inspired to Write a Poem?

Is it difficult to compose a poem? It can be challenging to get started on writing a poem if you are not in the momentum of starting one. Inspiration sounds necessary for any writer to compose a poem. Then, where’s the inspiration? Is it inside of us? I wrote my first poem at the age […]