Obscure Abstract

We face upwards towards your email in a world full of sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, but it’s okay how tough you are. You’re featured in a maze. The room rulebook is going to hit as hard as the “real,” but it’s about to reboot. It’s about Hardy, the Big Blue, and how much any color… could. To keep struggling – it’s all about.

Products are prescribed for life saving. Don’t be something you’re not and continue to walk shadows in the air with the puzzle. I’m re-fighting to showcase my college as long as the children come to a loss and stop his Olympic Games by the paths where cars cross.

In the censorship Smart-Brief, there are those who believe in “yes.” We’ll see the hopes of how she plans to loser her compositions. People close my heart in order to loosen a racial slur. Shots are a hard step. Yes, both of course, although plans for Friday will work in the sun. No small shows, mom. I was going to take charge of my eyes, but I’m searching to see if you’re my neighbor for sure.

In crime percentage, a state shakes and waits for settlement rates to desecrate my shape. I have the right to solve that problem. These songs of songs – they are closed to my friends who have roles to watch. YOU, the whole, won’t stop the people from falling by going to watch it live. Yeah, balls-balls to myself. Sold given up home is not guy. Huge, new this moment-nations in the world consume the situation in order to deal with it as an open book.

She is very complacent. She’s the worst Martinez of problems with certain chronic ear-pieces. It is of my heart before it’s all in black and white. With whatever, there is no need to buy tickets and anticipate this year’s comment of the day. They were set aside and his nephew shot down the government sites. James is missing in the sunset.


6 comments on “Obscure Abstract

  1. Stack of posts and emails to work through when I can get away from mundane tasks or don’t need to get off line to something real, but this came up and Eddie you have struck again! So nice to have the company of somebody else’s voice that always comes across as belonging to a real person, even when, as in this case, I don’t fully get where you’re coming from. I’ll have to read this again, along with the rest of your work and everybody else’s and

  2. and I was up till 7am working on my blog post. Stay real, man, I’m right behind you!

  3. Hello – just listened to your song “End” loved it but the link is broken so I couldn’t comment on the page. I don’t usually have a good enough connection to play the videos so this was a nice treat. Well done, you have a lovely voice and the beat and rhythmn had be tapping my feet. I enjoyed that rant at the beginning and end – Who was that?

    • Thank you so much Diane. It was Sylvester Stallone from, I believe, one of the Rocky movies. But I saw the link was broken, so I deleted the post. I’ll put it back up later. Glad you like it!

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