Just Thoughts…

Is it even merely a reflection, my life? For quite a piece of time, I’ve just sat idly and watched the same scenery. But, perhaps instead of waiting for a change, maybe I should try and enjoy, rather – embrace the “norm.” Even still, I’d like to experience something new. Although all that I go through is unique to me, life just inevitably seems dry. Maybe if I meet the person I’ve sought for all of these lifetimes, the black void inside of me may become filled.

I do not know for absolute certain. I ask myself, “how long am I going to wait,” but my lack of understood patience keeps me stranded inside of a vicious cycle. One, which no matter how much I try to change, becomes a great test from the Universe. Do I have to fulfill a specific destiny, where I walk a path to get where I must be – where my responsibilities lie, or do I create my own future with the impressions of chalk on a board? Have I been granted the ability to carve out my own trail instead of wandering aimlessly, waiting for the most subtle of variation?

I cannot keep calm and respond in accordance. My temper spirals out of me in reaction to the vile negativities of where my physical resides. But this collection of energies, this EARTH PLANE of ours, a unit of our multi-verse, my humble home – it strains me so. There are so many conflicted visions and ideals; it seems that destruction by the wealthy and wicked is upon the misguided mind of influence. If I, with my individuality, cannot breathe for myself, then why – WHY was a brain bestowed beneath the fortress of my skull?

I am not a Sheppard to the sheep, but if I was meant to be, would it be revealed to me? I can barely keep pace with the flowing ideas concocted by my hasty fingers. I type to a means where I can express these incomprehensible feelings of mine, but is it for my well-being in due time? Should I even ask questions in rhyme?

Would they confuse my subconscious mind into seeking what I do not even consciously recall expressing? Does my seated soul understand my needless desires? Why would I be given the option to question with responsive skepticisms of dissonance? Perhaps it’s even more just for me to understand, so I ask and then fulfill my tasks – whatever they may manifest themselves as.

My mind, our minds. Me, we. We all tie in together as an intertwined patchwork of anomalies, seamlessly stuck inside of purgatorial flames with feeble hopes of escape. We’re all animals inside of a cage either way. So what’s the point of trying if we’re just killing for fulfillment and then are reminded by our Karmas , which retort our malicious deeds, that there is vision of a fruitful future? I ask, then again, I wait.

12 comments on “Just Thoughts…

  1. Eddie, don’t wait. Don’t embrace the norm. You are NOT the norm and that is what makes you so awesome, dude!! The path that you carve IS your destiny. The journey will provide the “new” and “different” that you seek.
    Your writing reveals the intelligence, insight and imagination that you possess. Let them be your guide and enjoy every moment of it.

  2. Always follow your heart, no matter what. Don’t ever follow that which you know you should not, even if everyone else around you is. Be thankful that you’re noticing the corruption in our society, for not everyone is aware or attentive. Be true to yourself. You are here not in vain but with purpose. Go with that purpose. The world depends on those who are compassionate and truthful. ❤

  3. I want to write something profound, but you already said it. Maybe embrace the norm without being it?

  4. I feel the emotion of your thoughts in these words.

  5. It’s really true we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Looking at your avatar down this post, I think to myself ‘who would think someone who looks this calm on the surface would spill words with so much lovable passion and unmatched vigor??’ Well, well! I love your posts, all of ’em that ‘ve read, and it feels good to know ‘m not the only one who has conflicting thoughts every once in a while!

    I think the best we can do for ourselves, despite the world and it’s many different concoctions of perfection, is to do what makes us fulfilled, and what makes those we really care about happy. Now, this is not compromising, or being self centered.. I think it’s just creating balance, within ourselves and with those that matter.

    We owe ourselves the right to be happy.. And whether we are where we’ve always wanted to be or not, whether we even know where we want to be or not, it doesn’t matter.. What matters, is the here and now.. And the peace and calm the mere thought of that brings. I guess if and when change comes, finally or maybe never, we’ll accept it somehow- easy or hard- or just move on like we’ve always done.

    • Thank you for reading my posts and sharing some insight. We definitively owe ourselves to be happy. And since change is constant, we have no choice but to adjust. How are you by the way ^_^

  6. You have great natural talent. Beautiful words seem to flow easily from you-like music. Keep up the great, personal posts. I’d like to hear more.

  7. What is very interesting to me is that recently I have read several pieces of prose and poetry by young writers and they are all asking the same question. What is it all about, how can we make it right etc. I find that very hopeful. You guys are the future and the fact that you are thinking so very deeply about the world and your place in it and the interaction with others is wonderful. You of course have the added advantage of being so very articulate – thanks for this post – Diane

  8. Thoughtful minds have always asked these questions. You certainly are not alone. At your age I equated the norm with a flock of sheep. Dr2103 has it right. Fortunately with the internet we can find our peeps. We may never meet them, but it is comforting to know we are not alone. Each and every choice we make takes us to our future. While you focus on your destination enjoy the journey…smell the roses.

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