The echoing of clamped metal underneath my rusting feet screams at me,

Saying: “Guilty, guilty; you murderer!”

And as I step with hesitant, stalling legs, the footprints of blood follow me into the darkness of my mind.

There is tainting between my rotting flesh and finger-nails –

From clawing debris out of his eyes like an animal.

Wherever I look, wherever I am, I see him, staring back at me with holes in his head….

11 comments on “Followed

  1. Pretty gruesome–the first two lines are interesting and so is “clawing debris out of his eye”. I’ve already seen another of poems that are about this particular subject and this was probably one of the more creative ones. The other ones rely too much on the reader’s knowledge of the case or come off as bad and preachy political screeds. This one stands on its own.

  2. Firstly, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for following my blog, hopefully you will not remain the only person who will be following it! 🙂 Anyway, I love this poem, you might find this weird but I love that I can “smell” this poem, it the smell and sound of “rusting” “metal” and the irony smell of blood really makes this poem come alive! Great Job!

  3. Oh yes, love it – just my sort of stuff. (I know I worry about me as well) !!!

  4. DARK. and the line ‘staring back at me with holes in his head…’ there’s something about it that makes you stop, reread and read again. looking forward to more. and thanks for the follow on my blog – http://wordsandswords.wordpress.com/

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