Seagull Sky

Red Flag Alert SF Gate Pushes Contrail

Credit Goes to Florida Gulf Sky Watch

While swinging around the brim of a petrified mushroom, I halt at the echoes of distant engines.

Again, the winged poison soars as if it were a bird,

But.. even the birds sing in acknowledgment to their livelihood.

The chirping feathers voice their souls because they too breathe my air.

It seems as the sun follows me, another roar from my scalp’s attic – my mind’s eye.

I release grip from the natural ladder because of an abrupt disturbance –

Because of the “I’ve already heard it.”

The gaseous harpies cruise the overhead ocean in sequence,

One here and then another to hear.

They only disappear to reappear.

It’s merely a metallic screech, which then leans leftward as if they were turning…

And since they know that they will be burning, they coat OUR skies…

Where seagulls fly…

Without the desire to die…

Only yearning to earn as we sit and I squirm…

2 comments on “Seagull Sky

  1. Criminy that’s good – you gave me goosebumps!!

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