The Wings of Tree-Fruit

But the string, for me and you

I grow wear and dreary – tomatoes

But only if I say so, butts for pesos and erasers to halos

It is only as I say.


Fore, the plucked castles are the passion and fashion for the hassle

And rain, dripping

Skipping together as we should

But instead, flipping tables at the whim of Gabriel


It’s colloquial

It’s spoken of – before.

But, instead the shock at the tip of the toe

But – how can I grow, Mr. Tomato?


You tell me it is only a fable

But the table, too, is able.

I am the maple.

7 comments on “The Wings of Tree-Fruit

  1. Thank you for the follow! Your blog is interesting! 😀

  2. Edward Lear would be proud. =)

  3. Oh, I like this – a lot! Thank you for the like on Heru’s Light. It will be my pleasure to follow your sharing. Blessed Be Eddie.

  4. I like this as well. Maybe it was the tomato, or the maple, but definitely the Gabriel.

  5. Maple trees lose their leaves but they do come back every spring.
    It’s good to be the maple…

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