That Dude Eddie Recites The “Janitor” on His Vlog

Hey guys, I took your suggestions into consideration and recited my first poem! WOOT WOOT! You can also feel free to simply read it bellow the video if you dont feel like looking at me.

Without further ado, here is The “Janitor”. Hope you enjoy it along with my randomness. Let me know what you guys think. 🙂

That Dude Eddie, The “Janitor”

The Janitor

Oh, the soil stakes as so, but fertility is excuse
The shovel cannot dig deeper into my skull fore there is no bone
Sweeper of weeps, my teeth grow long
So sure. To plea, after paying soul-less toll
Count the speckles of dust after drawing your final death
But, without a surgeon’s touch, you can only do so much…
What you need is a steady state of mind
You need to focus your time on spiritual growth
And be divine, fore love is the only way – the only oath
All you can do is hope….


Please don’t forget to share. 🙂

Peace and Love.

9 comments on “That Dude Eddie Recites The “Janitor” on His Vlog

  1. Great way to recite. It was good man. Great job.

  2. “What you need is a steady state of mind…” Like this.

  3. Dude, what can I say. Your poetry is amazing to read, but seeing you recite — hearing your voice — takes it to a whole new dimension. Pure excellence to the Superlative.

    I’m not sure if I’ve got hyperhidrosis, but I tend to grip my pen real tight while writing and drawing (especially while drawing) which causes my hand to sweat and smear ink everywhere. Very annoying.

    Anyway, great vlog. Hope you didn’t starve. And yes, Ranch does indeed make everything taste better.

    Keep it up, my friend.

  4. Wow! for the poem. Wow! for the video! Thanks! A blessed day!

  5. I have hyperhidrosis too. It’s a real pain, especially in art class when your paper gets wet. Yuck. Nice poem. Sorry you’re hungry. I look forward to more great vlogs!

  6. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!
    Awesome Vlog! Reading your writing is one thing – This took it to a whole other level. Love the randomness after the poem. It shares a glimpse of your personality. Buuu…on people who break a friendship trust.

  7. Amazing. Wonderful clarity. You’ve got a long creative career ahead of you. Bet I’ll be seeing you published and bestowed with literary prizes. Bravo!

  8. Loved seeing you read and hearing your voice! Very nice!

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