Saved By Selfless Belt

It’s always in the back of my mind

In the stack of vines


SO kind…

But not of mine


It’s an artifice so wise…

SO wise that even the skies divide before you arrive


No mystery of whom – or what I speak of

Or reach above

Or teacup…

THAT piece is bugged


Forever stuck in a numb-minded ruck

Buffalo Grass, neatly tucked


But whose niche is but a glitch?


Lay and twitch…

As I wait for your ways to switch

Not to mention that every stitch is your wish


And every dish is washed by blood and moss

Nature’s cross isn’t dried with a cloth


But, with a belt instead

I take the books and feed my head

With only a plan, plan, plan to be dead..

Then resurrected by the peoples’ voices


The frequencies summon my soul in another body

Therefore, when it gets cloudy…

You must not allow your mind to get rowdy.


Silent viper… wear your belt.






2 comments on “Saved By Selfless Belt

  1. This is fascinating, from the words to the rhythm. I also like the words in bold and italics; I use italics sometimes, but hadn’t consider putting words in bold, intriguing!

    Thanks so for following my poetry blog. 🙂

  2. Another lovely poem! I SO enjoy reading them on your blog, even if I don’t stop in often… I am NEVER disappointed. So, I’m extending a little *thank you* and bequeath the Merci Award here: http://108plus.wordpress.com/about/merci-award/

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