Dream of Cupcakes

Not equal.

It’s an uneven proportion

And iron is in these halls

Irony in the very same hallway…


Fore it was where we – I held on

And now it’s where you don’t lose track of my questionnaire

I divide into your sleep during a lighter midnight


I’ve taken the cupcakes you’ve baked

I’ve finally come over

It’s fair now

You’re a metal and are losing now…


15 comments on “Dream of Cupcakes

  1. “Cupcakes” Love it. Interesting though that the acquisition of the sweetness is a victory but the adoption of iron is a negative – or have I misunderstood – sorry if I did. – Diane

  2. Coffee?
    I have
    heard it pro.ported
    we r gonna
    have a ball. straight up.

    So grab you cup
    buckle up
    eat ur cake
    never~ quake
    ha||ways waking
    múses shæking

    coma’s wake,
    birthing soulcraft
    like a waking,
    turning daily
    selling turns
    &hailing words–
    Irony– like…get the hell out of me!
    I’m tired of Likes, and Fac☺book and all that cr☻p, arent you? like, “o pa’leeease”.
    I ‘ll retire inspiring

    why not. now
    I’m cruising gullets,
    lowlands in bi-lands
    all salt-blogs
    in blogland.
    fog-headed sometimes…

    but off-handing you
    a small cup ~
    of creamy landing, while saying hey, here… Ü …a cup of joe.

    wassup? like your chops. lets talk sometime.


    • This is nice dude. We’re talking! 😀

      • 😉 good. drop notes or links in my links page anytime.
        keep it up…lets battle or something on your blog, you know? get mes.sages out. with irony, and good poetry…and small word violences…

      • I don’t understand. What do you mean?

      • like write a poem and post it with the intent of having it answered. I’ll grab the topic, and the comment section can serve as the continuation of a poetic di-alog, back and forth for one or more rounds, and anyone can join in. something like that. Ive done variations of this with some of our mutual followers… always cool.

      • So, a battle?
        Collateral damage to a lyrical admiral?
        It’s admiral, I say, that this way, we both say.
        And that way, the day will be one of plays.
        And the rays of the sun will set the words ablaze.
        Amazed, I am.
        Of the Running Son’s dictionary span.
        I don’t know – if I do this wrong or right.
        If so, feel free to share some light.

  3. Got lotsa light
    to give brother
    some moon-lite.
    Sunlight-lite is the way
    to trainee
    making, least til the main fight, mainlly
    train right,
    dressing word-bites

    No training-ride,
    or admiral fan-side
    or blog-side. National
    admirals demanded:
    long-time sands
    and waste-lands
    sent that admirable
    man, packing
    heaven-lite, like he just saw some light.

    or landed.

    • But, perhaps this light is underhanded.
      It could be a secretive sight despite its commandment.
      Or perhaps it may vanish.
      In vanity’s ruins, where sewage isn’t banished.
      The garbage is preserved and silence is disturbed.
      Perhaps it is unheard – thus, the nerves speak without words.

  4. Vanity
    is a good word
    no use for it now
    no juice in it now
    no losing face-public
    grace-dissing blog-topics around
    like vanity,

    And probably this aint the end-of-me–
    vanity is deceit.
    But of the the image
    I create and would like to meet
    some say,
    if deceit clears the way
    for sailing

    vanity sunrises til the end of days.
    Armageddon, or at least a ways.
    And if deceit
    secretly needs disturbed commandments
    for vanishing
    on tangents
    and deceitfully lyrical landings,

    and planned
    pageants of meaning,
    then I’ve had it
    with attitudinal-ly addicted flab-listed
    blog-money tag-hopping
    post-laughable vanity-plate shaper’s,
    and bad players.

    You aint a player, you’re vanity-desk maker.

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