How am I supposed to know what’s right or wrong?

I’m living life just as everyone else

But everyone else – you – you’re all as nothing

And everything being nothing makes energy as everything

Thus, since everything is energy, everything is nothing


Without motion

Without emotion

We cannot move


It’s my turn and I cannot go

Because I am parked in the parking-lot by the park

I’ll be taking aim shorty

At the pork, but please, you’ll have to be patient


Surgery is….





It’s illiteracy

It’s all in your mind.


6 comments on “iT’sAlLiNyOuRmInD

  1. Rather “stroppy” methinks !!! :-0 🙂

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  3. […] iT’sAlLiNyOuRmInD (thatdudeeddie.wordpress.com) […]

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