That Dude Eddie’s 2nd Vlog – Brief Discussion on My Inspirations

Hey guys, here is my 2nd vlog. I briefly discuss some of my inspirations and how I write my poetry in this one. I actually put in some effort into editing this vlog, so, if you’d be kind enough to view it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Let me know what you guys think. 🙂

10 comments on “That Dude Eddie’s 2nd Vlog – Brief Discussion on My Inspirations

  1. Cool. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m so with you on your definition of family!
    My 2 cent request would be if you’d like to – maybe reciting one of your writings…

  2. Good one man. good job.

  3. One day I hope to have the courage to recite my plateau in front of an actual audience somewhere.

    Doing a couple “Vlogs” Mite help me reach that Plato of confidence I need!

    I am new to your blog and Poetry but I really have enjoyed what I have read so far.

    I totally can connect with what you say about being inspired and influenced by the environment.

    Looking at tangled up cords can be enough to inspire a poem about confusion of the mind,Like you said.

    I often dream of sitting on top of a Pyramid in Egypt somewhere in “The Valley of The Kings”
    They say you can feel the paranormal connection to the soil.
    I just think I would be able to write a really great Poem…even if I got up there and had writer’s block it would be worth it to view such an incredible rarely seen vantage point.

    The part about family registered with me as well.

    I have more family that is non blood related than family that shares the same blood as me.
    Sad but true.

    Can’t wait to check out some more of your work.


    • I can’t believe I looked over your comment! Please forgive me. But I am glad that we can relate and I also am really convinced that whatever poem you write will turn out epic! As far as the vlogs, you should just go for it. I will subscribe to you if you do. 🙂

      Peace and Love.

  4. Great vlog post! Only 2nd one and already rocking it like a pro. Comfortable with the camera, I like that you’re totally genuine, interesting (passion is contageous, you know),. and a truly good person. I think you may end up being one of the greats, actually — and I don’t just go around telling just anybody that. .
    I understand where your coming from about explaining how you approach writing your poetry. Art like that, or expression, is somewhere in the realm of divine inspiration. You just gotta experience “the flow” to really understand it.
    And then… TOMMY CHONG. Right on.
    I look forward to catching more of your stuff.

    – Respect.

  5. I really enjoyed that. I loved the bit about the cables, very interesting. A great insight in to who you are. Well done thought it was great!

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  7. I agree with RoSy, let’s hear a recital! Woot-Woot! and I completely agree on the family bit. Family are those who surround you when you need them, not just when they need you.

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