That Dude Eddie’s First Vlog

Hey guys, I’m happy to announce my first vlog. To be honest I’m unsure what to vlog about at this point so if you have any suggestions let me know. 🙂

That Dude Eddie’s First Vlog



22 comments on “That Dude Eddie’s First Vlog

  1. It’s nice to finally hear from you. hahaha

  2. Give yourself a theme to roll with, an objective; something that is more effective vocally, and heard verses read, or written. Good initiative.

  3. Cool. It can be hard to put yourself out there, especially at first. It feels a little awkward I know — honestly, it’s a little awkward to watch – lol. But that’s cool, you gotta get started at some point. Just jump on in, then find the groove. You’re poetry is brilliant; maybe talk about that. What goes through the mind of That Dude Eddie? I’m interested, and I’m sure others are as well. It’s kind of cool to put a face to the words, you know? You can encourage many others to just do what they do and be who they are by just doing your thing; they’ll follow your lead. Thanks for putting yourself out there, man!

  4. Hi there. I was viewer 22. Tell us a bit about yourself. Why do you blog? What you like, don’t like. What inspires you. These are only my thoughts but hope they help with your vlog?

  5. I like it. It’s very real. No hint of artifice or mask. Good job.

  6. Is Vlog the cool way to say it now? European? What up with that?

  7. Just a random thought…you’re voice is much lower than I expected. XD I enjoyed your first vlog and hope to see more. You’re very brave to do that. I don’t think I’ve ever voluntarily put myself in front of a camera.

  8. I have nominated you for the sunshine award. Visit http://johnwhowell.com for details – John

  9. Eddie
    You have a great smile. Just watched your vlog! I am not sure what to tell you to vlog on, but I do like your poetry. Maybe you could think about reading your poetry to us or explaining what the essense of certain poem means to you..etc I would keep them short and to the point though. Much success with this new adventure!

  10. Good going. Not sure I can find the nerve to video myself & create a vlog.
    Wednesday is definitely a cool day! 😉

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