Lunge Through Lunar


By radiating sun, may the masses extinguish their feeble desire, will or woe

But for me, I seek the glows of guidance underneath a razor’s eclipse

The patchwork horizon is as untouched as your flesh, which is my flesh

And which is my test is also your test

The sky is foreign

The moon is frozen


6 comments on “Lunge Through Lunar

  1. Internalise the sky…

  2. Thank u fer ur ppreciation of my song. I caint click like button on my browser it dont work but the lunar has got it goin on. Keep up the mystique n u will go fer..god bless ….General Hope..!!!

  3. the sky is foreign
    the moon is frozen

    Gave me goosebumps.!!!

  4. Very metaphysical. Your poems are always moving.

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