Bushes of Garble


The kisses on the pavement are noted with faint blackness

Because I warn of these speckles as they begin to bare color

A, um, application of lids is summoned under lids, the eyes

They are grotesque monstrosities, these visible marks of concern

The blackness is coming and it will consume existence

However, perception is deception – I await here, without consciousness

I’m pondering in a pond of fiber as the night grows thick

The ash coat is even tickled by luminous reflections

Society will be swallowed by roaches

These roaches are only visible to the lifeless lenses of positioned cameras

Not media

No media

No mind

Not mine

About, mmm, two or four or three or more scores

I’m torn by the hangers, by the anger from a stranger

My life is danger and my brain is unstable

Keep your distance, darkness




16 comments on “Bushes of Garble

  1. i feel this strongly

  2. perception is deception. amen
    interesting image…

  3. Thanks for visiting/follow. 🙂 And now I know what to say to darkness. 🙂

  4. Powerful words. Really enjoyed this.

  5. I enjoyed the narrative feel to this.

  6. Perception is deception. Yup. Well done.

  7. Good one I thought, though a bit scary to be honest.

  8. Ominous warning & prediction; well written…

  9. Wonderfully and eerily haunting. One of my favorite lines was: “Society will be swallowed by roaches” – because suddenly I found that that is what I may think as well. I liked the idea of the “ash coat” being “tickled” by the “luminous reflections” – a line and idea that is almost cute in this foreboding work. I really enjoyed the sequence of media, media, mine, mine – the repetitions and alliteration worked. The second line at the beginning, though, is it meant to be “begins” or “begin”?

    And, of course, the ending – “Keep your distance, darkness.” Can we really, truly, “keep a distance” from darkness? It is ever present, all consuming. Is it a meaningless struggle? We all wish to escape our demons. You really captured the human essence in that last line. Well done. 🙂

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