I L-L-L…

This is my saddest attempt to try something new

The line before really was written in cursive

I was simply trying to spice up my day; to try something new

But it didn’t really help – it even hurt a little bit

Nothing is new, and my poetry runs dry

It was destiny for me to be insane, I can see it in the sky

No time to rhyme, nor reason to express; zero consent

I wonder how many feel this

Rather, how many care?

You may read, but can you hear?

I go… nowhere

Just like that, my mood flips and turns

And upon my return, muy mind rejects concern

My mistake is, where, where

Who’s there?

You, there



Why did you bring me to you lair?

I’ve always given you my all – my robe, even my hair

This is, is so, so unfair

Lost in word

Infrastructure in smile, congruent to tile

Thought is vile, but only for a little while

So smile; so sorry, I’m running out of room on the page

Which means an idea will too, give birth

I guess this is my finale for the night

I L-L-Love you and that’s that to say

Your name, your aim is to burn by the flame

Your game, is to be played until the end of days

I’m out of words

Thank you

16 comments on “I L-L-L…

  1. Oh good heavens. How very moving. I think that this is some of your best work.

  2. i really love how you had rhythm and the flow of rhyme is very nice

  3. Wow, nice! I really like the flow of this poem.

  4. Eddie, I enjoy reading all of your poetry. I don’t often have time to comment but I always enjoy reading your stuff. It’s great work. Keep it up!

  5. Most of your works seem incongruent up close, but when you look at the big picture it makes sense. Very surreal. Good job.

  6. ‘For every muscle torn: sarcastic foolishness equates to humble scorn’
    ‘i see every corner of your glass’

    many wonderful lines and intriguing word combinations in the first few poems i read, these two stood out to me, Eddie. i’ll have to come back and dig a little deeper, i followed you so i wouldn’t forget, oh and thanks for your follow as well. means much to this week old blogger.


  7. Dude… Wow! Good stuff. I hear ya. I feel ya. I’m gonna follow ya back.

  8. Fierce piece. LL Love it. Blessings.

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