Banana Ants

What it it that you’re pretending?

A slap to the chest – the result of an angered grimace

Discomfort to the banana ants

I know your story

A “never-will-be” type of treatment

I see all corners of your glass.


Fool yourself with the foolishness of approach

Yellow like the bus of “young scholars;” like the disgust in my reflection –

To see what you DARED to do!

To take step in a direction of calming auras – my wooden and starved throne, before the wandering eyes.




Mop away that

That “for me…”

That lane of lies – those of which I do not care to partake in…

Make sure to send me that poison – as if – make sure to bake a newer batch.


A Potassium connoisseur

A sewer of relations

A devastation to relationship

The shallowness of a kiss.


Find my words

Dig beneath the putrid tiles on which you walk

I don’t need anything – not from you, not from I

But as the robotic response is delivered, mailed and such, I foretell what is told.


Behold – you hold the mold – my heart – NEVER MORE

But, my surest mail-woman, return to the offices of dual tribulation

Two of one kind…


Ants ate the will – so ask them if you will – if they too tingle from your tainted touch

Too much laughter..

From me…

Because I now know what it is that you are…..

You are as the banana ants.


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