My Dearest Florist

My dearest, dearest florist,

You already know that I want nothing less for you than to flourish in your forest.

You are as sweet as those soothing petals which you have laid by my bedside.

Their gentle aromas, they continue to keep me at ease.

I must admit, I was angry before you plucked the limbs from that dreaded flower…


Now that it is no more…

I can safely drift into your enchanted gardens with the insurance of tranquil sanctity.

No pressure, there is.

Not for you, for these black petals which you have picked just for me, or for me.

My sweet, sweet florist…

My words… they cannot gratify what you’ve done.

What you’ve done for me is something that I couldn’t have even dreamed about.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.


3 comments on “My Dearest Florist

  1. This was really sweet and perfect for February the month of Valentine’s Day – however I think you meant petals didn’t you?

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