Monkey SEE, mONKEY dO


Backwards eyelids


Two at a time

Shoe at a shine

Scratch my style

Hurry up and take your time

A sure impulse

Stand away, you cannot do as monkeys


Leave my pen without its head

Ink my clothes

My pockets

Cause commotion



Inky eyeballs seek attention


The stormy night will not be remembered in the morning

Without the sun’s light, water is turned into market

I just might chill; it’s no surprise

That I’ve realized your lies, I waste nothing more


Asthma, asphyxiated by the smoke

Burn through the throats

The un-holiest grails are sought by vaporized hope

The ordinary


Extraordinary, as long as my chin is spontaneous

Not combustible, my brown tail wiggles

And giggles, I nEED tHE yELLOw pEELS.

Because I trust the greatness


The world is my playground

Our playground

Let’s make it last

Life is too short and we live too fast



7 comments on “Monkey SEE, mONKEY dO

  1. We do live life much too fast . Good writing .

  2. You speak of so many things in this writing. The asthma thing though was interesting. Do you have that? It is really a scary thing to have. As a RN, I worked with a nurse that was hiking and ended up dying from it because she could get no help. Her family did not know what to do. It still haunts me today for some reason, but I was not there and I could not do anything to have changed the cirmcumstances.

  3. I like this piece a lot, Eddie. “The un-holiest grails are sought by vaporized hope.” That is a powerful line there. Its placement in the poem is great too. It was like a gust of wind in the sails, grounding and pushing the prose forward with a kind of urgency. I experienced the read, my friend. Well done.
    Thank you for visiting my site yesterday, I recanted, and decided to build a site specifically for my poetry, lyrics & the like. I have more up, and you can expect re-blogs—I love to have other writer’s work up as well. Thank for posting this piece.


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