Greecy and Contagious

To my temporal’s rear, Poseidon’s pillow surfaces

Soaked by Aegean rain, the Egyptian cotton unfolds from original form

Olympian stones fall into the ripples of Atlas’s pores

May I wait? Word of mail is swift

Hasty Hermes is here to grant a kick

Then to trip over Medusa’s poison weave

Hercules, you can thrust, you can heave

But you won’t believe that I’ve caught your disease

A double whopper with cheese…


6 comments on “Greecy and Contagious

  1. haha nicely done

  2. Packed a lot in that punch. Clever

  3. wow. what an ending! Juxtaposing the ancient with Mickey Deez…pretty mc’mazing. 🙂

  4. Oh how I love this! Such a powerful piece!

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