Emotionless bondage, find a better way

Memorize the path, repeat it every day

If obtrusion blocks thee, sock and shoe

Lock and chew; illusion of rock and tea; stock for you

Who, in proportion to lines of distorted time

Dew stains the marks of abortion-ed eyes, so blind

Inclined, balance to belly of the brain

Colored by paint to mask the essence of pain

Kill thy pest, scorching flesh coated with oil

Interest for foil, aluminum skin within the water’s boil

Not a sequence, B and P, confused as gas to knife

Sorry, but you were designated to bring the paper to life

On tree-less spoil, no comprehension

Numb my mind with constant detention. Who?


9 comments on “Whooo?

  1. You/ve been evolving furiously as a poet. I really like the turn your last 4 pieces have taken. Stay in this direction.

  2. Love this, been saying it loud…it rocks!

  3. Great work E! Such an amazing color palette of words! 😉

  4. Eddie, this is great. I love the wordplay.

  5. The most enchanting scattered words.

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