Cup of Love

I need a river full of love

I want an ocean full of love to fill this void

It’ll never be enough to fill my heart

The holes will remain forever

I once had a cup, but once it overflowed, I had nothing

My empty cup just sat there, in the darkness, to be filled again

Once “again” came, I knew what the end result would be

I knew once again that my cup of love would be empty

It’s never enough

The holes will remain


13 comments on “Cup of Love

  1. fascinating poem.Every cup overflowed with what was in them.Love is the essence of life .One breathe is enough to fill the heart.Have a wonderful new year.jalal

  2. hi, I’ve nominated you for blog of the year, here is the detail http://taraleeblog.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/blog-of-the-year/ thank you

  3. Really great poem. The cup metaphor is used perfectly. Perhaps you should elaborate? Was the cup ever knocked over? Just some food for thought. Thank you for sharing

  4. Love this one, stark and yet full of meaning. Thanks – Diane

  5. I like your poem. You might like my poem, “I thirst”.It’s about a cup of another kind of love.

  6. This is brilliant. Looking forward looking at your blog more.

  7. Great poem.

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