Malicious Key and Blade

Is the a must?

Nor so and it flows this crust

Let it the am a what river, you are

So far, but WHY is the true to bar?

Sense is as but represents who are, me they are

Me, me, me the so it does more than can come

Or if it am, then so can where they do cannot go

Just go if letting is setting a know, a fact to go and let

But forget that the is that and understands what I am

I am a word, or two

But do as a can of span for you


4 comments on “Malicious Key and Blade

  1. I like this new foray into surrealism. You’ve been a roll lately Ed, keep going

  2. Ok, uh, I think I get it. . .or maybe not, now I think I’m confused! Hell, either way, I still like it!

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