Island of Pieces

As I pick up my heart’s pieces, I drop a few from my clutched hands

They fall to the desolate concrete next to my toes and shatter more

Once they’ve plummeted to their destination, they rip as heated glass and scatter across the floor

I realize that all I touch breaks

In response to this realization, I break a sweat from my left eye

The right then mirrors the left and the result is me being left in a puddle

The salty puddle grows arms and legs

I am isolated, alone, on an island surrounded with sharp debris

I’m now alone with my tears and the broken shards of my heart and mind


This isn’t something unusual, however

It is more common than the eyes can see

And sight is something that drops of rain take for granted on a regular basis

The tears blur my vision, so I’m forced to listen

I hear the steady rhythm in my ill–fated chest

I also hear my mind address its conflicted circumstances


Mr. Mind begins to argue with Dr. Heart

They refuse to comprehend what each tongue has to communicate

My mind then storms from my body out of absolute anger and confusion

The heart is left to weep as it seeks a resolve now

This doctor is now without a patient, or rather, without anyone at all

No one is there to aid or even save

He, too, is alone

But, since Mr. Mind is trapped on the island, he second-guesses his choice to leave

He realizes that his decision is unwise and reconsiders


Mr. Mind then approaches the soon to be hypocritical doctor

The mind apologizes with sincerity, but the heart doesn’t care one bit

Dr. Heart is now the chief of malpractice

The heart grows wicked with hatred and rejects the mind

Mr. Mind is now a victim to the blackness of Dr. Heart

The mind is lost

The heart… is lost


Dr. Heart then visits his seeds in the sea to say a final goodbye

Mr. Mind begins looking for a way to leave the island


4 comments on “Island of Pieces

  1. Wow! Internal conflict indeed! This is not crazy stuff at all. You’re probably saner than most of us to be able to put words together this way. Keep up the great work!

  2. What a journey through the inner self! An amazing array of distinct and interesting images. This poem had some really nice descriptions throughout.

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