Dear Letter

Dear… I know who,

My future wouldn’t have existed without you digging through my life. You see, I’m cornered by the corners of my residency. This leaves my mind lonely at times, between the ocean blue. One, two… three four. Four walls. Two… exits. Either a leisure passage using stairs or a fatal fall from the window with the stained glass. Hm, my point is that I’m buried… because of… you. I’m what I’d like to call a “thinker.” The purpose of other souls doesn’t concern me. You see, I’m really a madman. But, I’m not mad, man. Yeah… you just couldn’t resist listening to those… those… ehh! Don’t make me angry as I write this! You really, really don’t wanna’ see me when I’m upset. Promise. Not again. Oh, I almost forgot! This future of mine, it’s very unstable. Without your guidance and valuable motivation, there will be nothing at all. The space of a hidden truth will surely be broadened. Don’t do this to me, please, not now. I cannot afford to lose you now. You’re too precious to me. I will maintain awareness, however. Thank you, but never forget.


You know who…

3 comments on “Dear Letter

  1. So good E! I love a thought-provoking piece that makes the reader try and deduce the author’s intention! Thanks for bringing out my inner Poirot!

  2. I pretty much have had that talk with myself…

  3. I picked up lots of angst and panic in here, hope I’m wrong and that you have a lovely festive season, if you celebrate it and just lots of good luck if you don’t. Cheers – Diane

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