Obnoxious Osmosis

They say to be careful with whatever you do

But all I ever wanted in my heart was an image of you

Your luscious skin accounts for lustful sins

There is no amount required to win, but…

But this is my heart’s bitter end


Please be my friend because all I’ve ever had was foes…

When we used to eat ketchup and count our toes

Now I’m wearing blue bath-robes instead of clothes

This was the premeditation of invoice

An envious mind is the source of a thin choice


I appoint two faces of a numbered beast

The razors will rip and carve through teeth

They will haunt the same shape

They will scavenge the wickedness until light decreases

No premonitions of rest nor peace, yet only stress in pieces


All to it a stench of clearly rippled units

Fall, the crew is hit

Feel the bombs as they pursue your ship

Is that why?

If only you could reply…


Must it be brought up more?

This is the reason for madness

For three months I’ve been consumed by sadness

Over time, my flesh grew cold and began to shatter


Please lend me a sign

I sauce yet another time

A piece of mind shouldn’t be this hard to find

When you’re mine, I promise there will be no reason to rewind


10 comments on “Obnoxious Osmosis

  1. Very nice…..the last stanza is my favorite.

  2. Very cool man…really dig this site too. Added it to my archive of active poets.

  3. Are you too good to be real?!!!

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