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Christmas Cards look Great in Any Color

I am thrilled to be back with another greeting card for you featuring this beautiful Christmas poem. The first time I read the poem, it literally asked me for a special color combination and as I considered the patterned paper you see, there was no going back.  This was going to be the basis for the color composition for this card.


Snowful Greetings greeting card

Card made by Tanja Weir – Poem by That Dude Eddie


When I was little, I was convinced that Christmas could only be celebrated in red and silver because those were the only two colors that my mom decorated with.  I am so glad that times have changed and that we are free to decorate in our own style and colors.

After reading Eddie’s poem several times, I was really drawn to the color white.   I wanted to use lots of white on the card but sometimes it is better to use contrast to bring out the white, therefore I considered using a dark card background but should it be black or gray?  Definitely not dark green because I didn’t think that would go with the poem — hm?  What to do?

Paper crafters have all kinds of tricks up their sleeve to draw inspiration from like color coaches, template libraries, etc. , but sometimes a simple trip to your paper drawer containing patterned papers is the best way to start.  That’s what I did and when I saw the paper you see on this card, I first thought: “No way!  Calypso Coral (aka orange) cannot be on a Christmas card!” – but I kept staring at the paper and pulled out the poem and some Island Indigo (aka blue) cardstock and in my mind, I was already putting the card together and then I did the unthinkable:  I framed the poem in Calypso Coral!  While this color combination breaks all the rules that I know for Christmas, I really, really love it for this poem!


Snowfil Greeting greeting card insude

Card made by Tanja Weir – Poem by That Dude Eddie


I also like to decorate the inside of my cards and I punched an ornament from the same patterned paper and was thrilled how pretty it is.

I hope you enjoy this card and I encourage you to break out of your comfort zone sometimes and put together colors that defy the traditional rules.  This works not only for card making but also for decorating, clothing styles and just about everything in life.

If you are interested in card making tips, feel free to stop by my blog at www.spunkycards.com or send me an email J.

Your Spunky Stamper,

Tanja Weir


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One comment on “Christmas Cards look Great in Any Color

  1. It’s every day X-mas indeed, Eddie. Happy Holiday Season.
    groetjes, Francina

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