Forehead of the Jaguar

A melody of your leverage is upon the basements

Call the yellow to orange to dead bracelets’ rings

Seize the tendons and movement of bones

That single joint is then forever alone

But these Blood-Vein filled arteries are a part of me

The wolf sits in the moonlit snow

To and fro

Ear to toe

None by side

None to coincide

So come inside

The darkness waits for you

Once you walk out of that door, there will be no looking back

Let the tears stack; may the chains roar

No more, no more

Dare not plead me more

A restless escape is forever to shake the thoughts I bore

Just a few things in storage, I felt the need to write

The endless walk in my future is outlined in chalk

Allow the pair of pears to reunite

It has been such a long time since they’ve met

Did the helicopter soar, OR did it forget?

That there are those chains in which I’m bonded

My mind is lost and I still haven’t fount it

Nor do I care to

Measure what I care to do

The fullest of potential is sequential despair

The worst nightmare stares at me too, to you

It is the sheet on the bed and the numeral of courage

To see, with an R and a T

As a tree but with no sound of sea

Now you will begin to see

That one of two equals three

I’m willing and I’m able

Frozen motion, sit still

Help me break out of this fable

Collect the ash of burned wills

Sit still, silent jaguar

Your forehead is hidden in the brush

May there be peace and love and above all, trust

4 comments on “Forehead of the Jaguar

  1. ‘Nore do I care to,’ do you mean Nor? When I write poetry, occasionally I will misspell a word just to see if anyone reading my stuff is actually paying attention.

  2. A lovely piece but I wonder if a quick typo scan is needed. Cheers Diane

  3. just a few things in storage, nice

  4. The last word is the punch~ So true…….TRUST is often the glue.

    Please keep writing!

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