Read the Squares on Keyboards

I don’t want to fight anymore

Through the months, we’ve come so far

Bent knee, leg at peace and rest

Rug, deceased; ye’ brushed by belief

But not at this moment

May the blackened tavern illuminate with release

Folding corners’ rippling record of release

Point to the exit, an underhanded periodical space

Cordless electronics, may not they be hidden

Of course, not the communication

Only the compassion

Good riddens, my reputation is a hallucination

I’m drawn back to YOU like the rhymes of my words

My best friend, it’s good to have you back

I haven’t seen you since you’ve entered the forest

That was the most frightening night

I saw the weeping bat

Again, I’m drawn back

This is the trail to the foot-less streets

“I’m stuck,” says the duck

I’m “moo-ing” for milk

Please help

Resistance is felt, but it…

Doesn’t really help; a heap of junk

As the arrows of wind descend, you…

You will always be my friend

To the bitter end; haha, don’t pretend

I count before I spend

The others, I must defend

The metal is hot with flames, but it will never bend

My friend, no friend


6 comments on “Read the Squares on Keyboards

  1. Crazy poem? Not sure about that. It has a certain something – I feel as if I almost understand it. What was it that Alice said in Through the Looking Glass ‘It fills my head with ideas, only I don’t exactly know what they are…’

    • So you don’t think it falls under the “crazy poem” category? That’s the beauty of poetry, people can get different feels from the same poem. I wonder what kind of ideas you are getting.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. I love this! I’d love to see a video clip of you reading this out loud. It has such amazing rhythm.

  3. I like this a lot. It reminds me of a friendship I have with someone.

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