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A Pair of Folly

My passion is the fall of plastic

Once I feel, you will sense that my pen is real

I write what is on my mind

However, I bury beneath the English language

This means that I barely spill what it is that happened

But I never sleep on devil

I come equipped and forever settle in the kettle

I barely button my lip

This is the contradiction

I say what it is and fare the hate and confliction

My honest shape, you should flash a smile because I care…

To tell, but your nose swells

Oh well…

I look to the table across to read

As I count alphabet, I discover the realm of deception

What is really there…


Lack of care

No care

No book or confession

This was my lesson

I pay the dues to count these blessings

I hop from dreams as I hope for renewed settings

No quitting

Never forgetting or letting…


Go, go, go to the land of angels and powder

Live it up louder

For the November Ears will beget…

I forget.

This poem of mine has gone on for too long

My necklace’s ramp runs damp

Must I rest?

All there is for you is happiness and love

You just have to stay strong and carry on

Hand out the hugs, hugs, hug

I know it’s hard

But you wouldn’t move if you weren’t starved

So it can only get better

I was given a curve ball in the weirdest of weather

This means that the future is legit

But don’t forget to let the love and peace take their risks



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