Oddity of Slumber

I play hookie in my dreams to avoid responsibility

That’s why I pee in trash cans at school; an assurance of instability

Privacy was all but the case

I hid my face to disclose the reality of chase

I trudge through school halls and remove my clothes

That is, my black sweater to cease identification, I suppose

Foreign vacation to lands of unity

All colors, yet no race

No speak, yet no identification of face

Bag in hand, a chance of opportunity

I leap

I sweep my feet

I begin to speak and then resume to be

What I say to a friendly neighbor is but an illusion

It is an obtrusion of speech and cannot be seen through confusion

At lake, maroon dock and overcast weather

The sun shined through a cloud and presented a chance for things to get better

Or so it seemed

The sun gleamed and was believed to forecast an undreamed theme

Awake, dare not I be awake

For when I wake, the madness of turbulent eyes accounts for a mistake

For when I wake, the sadness of wordless-ness and lies cause the earth to shake

For when I wake, the lavish ways of eternity cease the thirst to take

But when I sleep, there is no quake

But when I sleep, the fires of reality seldom seem to bake

And as I sleep, I exercise the wonders of conciousness

And as I sleep, I escape the troubles of fraudulence



3 comments on “Oddity of Slumber

  1. the gist of this beautiful piece is, “Foreign vacation to lands of unity”
    love it 🙂

  2. Another great piece, and of course so very true, how often do we want to sleep away all the trouble, If Only

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