Hateful Hurricane

In the calmest of storms, I sit and wait

My tiresome bones are destined to occupy this desk

For most days, I walk and crumble to a shatter

As today, in the emptiness of fulfillment, I steadily wait

I patiently blink my eyes at the red hand in the white circle on the wall

A clock is what it is

Patience is what I’ve been forced to have my whole life

My nerves are constantly stretched

My composure is pulled

And my composure is tugged

And my soul is ripped from my body

But it is not detached, only tempted by the flames

When the burning hand ticks some more…

After an eternity or three, the storm finally passes

Or rather, the muddy shovel meets the eye

Please, I’m still waiting

Time doesn’t wait for you

Time doesn’t wait for me

But I’m still waiting for time to bring me some sunshine



4 comments on “Hateful Hurricane

  1. This was really lovely, poignant and sorrowful and deep – Diane

  2. Great tension here – it makes me long for some kind of peace, or something! 🙂

  3. As the old blues man used to sing: “The sun’s going to shine in my back door, someday.”

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