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Hey guys, my friend has just made a WordPress so go check out her blog and read her poetry! 😀

She Is Rumination

He’s more of an overseas lover

Here in the states my attraction is taboo

It probably does not even exist

His dark traits take my mind much like a fool

Eyes golden as the sun

Feelings like the phases of the moon

-never permanent

As if a glance into the distant future

Constantly reminding me of my past

A paradox in himself

Maybe it is his eyes

The eyes of a past lover

The eyes of who I used to be

Sadly a reminder of something I will never be.

Overseas in the sense that it is unacceptable

Also in the distance seprerating us.

I’ll save my admiration for another day

The reminder will forever be in his eyes and stature.

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  1. Wow. A lot of emotion here.

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