Bucket of Blues

Pout, blue bucket

You’ve lived in the shadows for far too long now

Swing as the hesitant pendulum, solstice of the fires

And fires, beyond fires of lies

The torment of painted laughter

Hold for heart in desperation and contempt

With focus and intent to worship plastic tears

But a bug, the naturalism of material

It sleeps

It weeps

It walks with the sheep

But a Shepard, the reality of guidance

A question as to find it

This is why mice are blinded

This is the eternal duty, to live by the shore

Elbow of knees, knees of sand

The title is discrete

It protests the wave

It protects hysterically as compromise is hoped

A means to float is but a dream

Or so it seems

Hooked at will, wall of bubbles

Pops of attention grab the mind as it turns to mystery

In turn, as a return, a subtle escape

A rope of mistakes builds a bridge

It is brown and black

It is tied to edge

Stakes are in desolate cliff, dampness of skip

Gossip of lip, blue bucket

It is time to shine

For you and for mine


6 comments on “Bucket of Blues

  1. keep going dude, i think you’re getting better as well, some of the lines in this are really evocative! nice work

  2. I really like this one, too. 🙂

  3. […] Making greeting cards is a fairly simple process. It requires cardstock, some cutting and scoring. Many people rubber stamp their cards and add embellishments. Here is the step by step process in which I created the card for the poem Blue Bucket. […]

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