Above the abundance of bricks is solidified cremation

On the rings of architecture, the ashes settle

From grain of blackened sand, blaze of feather

Necklace of flame, each stone is individually set by heater

This furnace, button to left of button

Right above button

Each button, the meekness of blizzard

The fade of buzzing teeth and knives

Gravel and gravy from the bleached plate at toe

By chipped nail, the essence of labor

A presentation of foreign exchange

Also, bartered sweat for costly funds

This hidden cashe is illuminated and dealt

From palm to dying finger, the ash is dealt

And by deal, whether or not, here I come

Through groping cobra

By nest next to neck of mongoose

The pattern of the sun’s fabrication of molasses

Bitter, but sweet

From sugar, spoon falls

Leaf of Autumn is defined by orange jacket

Whether it be cozy, or a pocket of posies

Summer’s wig springs as the pouch of a fuzzy igloo

Uncoordinated rainbow

The gray shades of drought

Read beak, scorching claws

Settled dust holds applause

From ash, a phoenix rose as a rose from concrete


7 comments on “Felix

  1. Aw – that’s really lovely, really, really lovely.

  2. Great piece E…I love it’s “postmodern-ness”! The symbolism is beautifully abstract and requires your reader to solidify the images in their own mind! The most awesome lines (to me, anyway ;-D): “On the rings of architecture, the ashes settle”, “The fade of buzzing teeth and knives”, “Uncoordinated rainbow”, and “From ash, a phoenix rose as a rose from concrete” (SWEET homonym usage!!) 😀

  3. wow! we made poem under the same title 😛
    though urs is much better than mine, of course 😉

  4. This one has received far too little love for its brilliance. I love the layers of ideas and concepts you have built so adeptly with your words….pus my son is called Felix (what’s not to love?)

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