Lucky You

Magnum’s womb, A clip equipped for doom

Sanctioned hands, aim for moon

At the rays of noon, pray the day soons

No room, so groom and lay

In the patches of pavement, dashing by

From ankle to thigh

Thinking about white bubble and seething of lie

The yellow speed of a cry, reasons to why

Why I

Try to


With you

With shingle and passage

Not the above, but the bottle of cashes

Brom frone to packaged ashes

Chrome throne, among the songs of Atlas

Under the bed, confused showers of baskets

Compositions, to toy your tonsil

That is, under opposition of council

An ounce-ful restriction of benediction

Under mine

Words of chime


Tooth and beyond


Appeal the mind

Understand that I was due in form

Understand that I do conform to try

Why I

~ That Dude Eddie~

Please don’t forget to share this. 🙂

Peace and Love.


7 comments on “Lucky You

  1. Very powerful. You certainly know how to make the mind reach and stretch for meaning and then pow and it all makes sense. – great – Diane

  2. Dude, your word play is inspiring. Love the movement of the words.

  3. nice rhythm here eddie. great spin.

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