Something is Hidden

Buckled knuckles in the smirking bottle.

I hear the chuckles and they shuffle to a throttle.

Cool blue over gray, every day.

Beseech the dismay on boats beached asea.

A mellow maceral in breezes of stoned apparel.

There’ll be imperil in the periled barrels.

Believe whole-kindheartedly.

The trolls patrol the holes they control and make it hard to see.

With or without pause, fraud is the one without cause.

Please listen, love is bisson so we need paz.

Read your lips and twist the scripts.

You boast so quick and make me sick.

The blood, so thick.

Bricked, so brisk.


~ That Dude Eddie~

Please don’t forget to share this. ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace and Love.


15 comments on “Something is Hidden

  1. Love it! I kind of feel like it could go with my last post like jam on toast. We were engrossed with the host of the sea while the free wind spit my fairy dust into the smirking bottle you trusted.

  2. So loaded with sound. Loved it.

  3. The magic in this one is in the sounds…and the fact that, read aloud, it makes me sound way cooler than…uuumm…who are the “cool” rappers these days? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kidding aside, this is wonderful. Truly.

  4. I had to hold this for a while and consider it, and to be absolutely honest look up a couple of the words maceral for example – thank you so much for making me think. – Diane

  5. Some great poetry here – a kind of lexicographical drum-kit. Thankyou for your shower of likes. Only second day blogging – it has fired my enthusiasm.
    Can you record some of this – I think it would be great to hear it, catch the fantastic elastic of syntactic gymnastics ;).

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