Our Hour

Feather by tedious feather…

The droplets process the wedges over the ledge’s pledges to weather.

Chocolate endeavors withers the leather altogether.

That’s not true, so ensue whatever you glue.

Smell the brew?

Misconstrue what architects do.

Can you understand?

Did you not withstand the angels’ angles firsthand?

Band as one, undone and bland.

Muscles of mourn, my right-hand man.

Mouths of mussels are torn, flight and scorn.

Dust on corn, command commerce on a plantation’s demand.

Now, expand the unplanned plans to withstand fortification of land.

In walls of sand, so grand.

Spareness in poorest pores of fairness..

Little to no awareness in the glands of the hands we cherish.

We’re here to stay.

~ That Dude Eddie~

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Peace and Love.


23 comments on “Our Hour

  1. this one is so musical and rhythmic. fuck yeah

  2. love the rhythm and your brilliant last line.

  3. I often pick one line from your work that is a favourite – I know that’s odd but it doesn’t detract from the whole, simply it’s one line that whaps me between the eyes. Who knows why,and indeed it doesn’t matter, this is poetry after all.

    this time it was the Dust on corn one closely followed by ” The droplets process the wedges over the ledge’s pledges to weather.” which is such a wonderful picture. thanks – Diane

  4. You’re a wizard man, love the wordsmithery!

  5. As expected, another wonderful wordplay from thatdudeeddie. You simply rock!

  6. someone has a knack for rhyming, another thing i say to almost no one ever. Bravo!

  7. I really like “Mouths of mussels are torn, flight and scorn.” “Chocolate endeavors withers the leather together” is very good too. This has a very Eno-feel to it, lovely lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. πŸ™‚

  8. Now THAT was your finest – as Churchill said, your finest hour, from the feathers all the way to epanding th unplanned plans and making the stand. Just wonderful.

  9. Reblogged this on Managua Gunn's Pirate Haven and commented:
    As Churchill said, his finest hour – wonderful wordsmithing…

  10. I like rhym and I am glad to see it is still in style here on this blog.

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